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  • Yves Saint Laurent presents the highest chromatic power and a unique texture which binds to the eyelid are luxuriously presented in a gold case adorned with the ‘Cassandre’ logo.

    A finely tuned pay-off between pigment and finish, delicately orchestrated by Lloyd Simmonds. Taking his cue from Mr. Yves Saint Laurent himself, he initiated his rainbow-coloured journey with swatches of fabric pinned next to some of his sketches to create a range of single eye shades with multiple variations.

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    To best apply the COUTURE MONO colours, YSL Beauté has developed an exclusive, patented applicator. Its ergonomic shape glides with ease across the eyelid and its ultra-soft fabric pad creates the ultimate in effortless precision. Apply the colour all over the lid using the generous flat surface or create a fine line at the root of the lashes with the tip or side of the applicator.


    - For medium or dark colors, use the side of the flocked applicator to create a fine line at the root of lashes or a flick with the tip. Apply across lash line, extending outwards for a cat eye or around the eye for a smokey eye.

    - For light colors, use the generous flat surface of the flocked applicator. Apply all across the mobile lid, up to the crease.


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